A slow and rhythmic pressure is applied along the main energy channels to gently relax the muscles and increase flexibility in the joints. This is useful to release tension and regain proper posture. Because it works on the joints mobility, this treatment requires an introductory interview to understand the individual’s needs. The Thai Massage is a ‘no oil’ procedure on the firm surface of a floor supported futon. Light, comfortable attire is suggested.
90'                  85,00 €

Through a continuous flow of massage, the constant hand contact between the left and right sides of both the upper and lower body, enhances circulation, balancing the body's vital energy
. The calm warmth that is achieved, enables the conscious mind to relax, allowing suppressed emotions to surface, then to flow free.
90'                  85,00 €

This ancient oriental technique matches specific points on the feet with specific functions of the internal organs. Reflexology is used to soothe symptoms such as headaches, improving digestion, blood circulation and support for the immune system.
60'                75,00 €

Manual lymph drainage, using the Vodder method, stimulates the circulation and lymphatic systems to eliminate toxins and avoid water retention. This essential detoxification treatment reactivates the organic functions of the body, allowing the natural elimination of excess fluids.
60'                60,00 €

Water Shiatsu is an experience of deep relaxation that reduces muscle tension and expands the breath. Warm water becomes the support for a dance in harmony with the breath; opening the body to the exploration and flow of the regenerating movements.
60'              100,00 €

The pregnant woman will experience a unique connection with her child in preparation for the precious moment of birth by cultivating the unity of body, hearth and mind.
60'            100,00 €

The application of warm oil on the body gives a general feeling of well-being. The benefits are immediate: a reduction of stress and tension, as well as achieving a feeling of calmness, pleasure and expansion of spontaneous deep breathing.
60'            70,00 €

Shiatsu is an energy balancing technique prevalent in Japan. It's based on acupressure and is helpful in relieving physical ailments, as well as emotional stress. The energy, or the "Ki", which circulates in the meridians, is harmonized through constant pressure of varying intensity. It strenghtens the body and mind while improving joint mobility; regulating the metabolism and increasing the efficiency of the immune system.
60'           70,00 €

This is an holistic technique using a light touch on the craniosacral system, which is linked to every part of the body. The manipulation is gentle, but it acts deeply on the nervous system, affecting the hormonal and immune system. This is particularly effective for the treatment of bone and joint problems, headaches, dizziness and anxiety.
90'          85,00 €

In warm water, the use of deep, continuous and mindful breathing is the primary means of contact with ourselves. The breath is the major life activity of the organism that we call the body and is the mirror of our physical and psycological condition. Acting consciously on our breathing means that we work on the fundamental mechanism of a self-search for balance. This is suitable for those who wish to enjoy a spa break, taking a dip into one's own inner space. This can even help those who have a difficult relationship with water.
90'         85,00 €

HOLISTIC TREATMENTS | Tata-o Resort Albergo 4* Centro Benessere

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